Welcome from the Pastor!

Thank you for your visit to our website and we can't wait unti you visit us personally on Sunday morning.  Here is what you can expect at Gray Station Baptist Church:

At Gray Station Baptist Church, you will find a WELCOME.  Everyone, and we do mean everyone, is welcomed at Gray Station.  Those who visit or attend tell us how warmly they were received.  Our heart is to "receive one another just as Christ also received us" (Romans 15:7).  At Gray Station, you are welcomed and wanted.

At Gray Station Baptist Church you will find the WORD.  We will teach and preach the truth of God's Word in a way you can understand and apply to your life.  Although it may be important what others may have to say, it is of the utmost importance on what God has to say.

At Gray Station Baptist Church, you will find your WAY.  Jesus said, "I am the way" (John 14:6).  So desperate was humanity to find the way that God sent His only Son to show us the way.  We would be thrilled for you to join us as we travel the way to everlasting life.


Pastor Arden